Early Career Connecting SIGs events 2021-2022


The Early Career Executive Board will be running a series of annual Connecting SIGs events. These will bring together the SIGs overseen by each Early Career Acoustic Champion, as shown below.

  • AI Champion, Lin Wang: Communication and Room Acoustics, Acoustic Sensors, Computational Acoustics and Mathematical Analysis in Acoustics SIGs
  • Sustainability Champion, Nikhil Banda: Acoustic or Ultrasonic NDE, Acoustic Metamaterials, Underwater Acoustics and Animal Bio-acoustics SIGs
  • Manufacturing and Transport Champion, Antonio Torija Martinez: Aero-acoustics, Vibro-acoustics, Noise and Soundscape and Physical Acoustics SIGs
  • Wellbeing Champion, Tobias Goehring: Hearing, Biomedical Acoustics, Spatial Acoustics and Immersive Audio SIGs

Each Connecting SIGs event will comprise a number of talks about the various research areas covered by the SIGs, and some short talks (“pitches”) by individual members about their current research. The idea is to bring together the members of the SIGs to discuss possible collaborations and applications for UKAN+ funding.

Important dates and links to more information


Slides from the Second Connecting SIGs workshop can be found here.


For more information, or to get involved, email your Early Career SIG coordinator or email us at earlycareersgroup@acoustics.ac.uk.