Spatial Acoustics and Immersive Audio

Group co-ordinator(s)

Dr Lorenzo Picinali
Imperial College London

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Prof Filippo Fazi
University of Southampton - ISVR

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Dr Aidan Hogg
Queen Mary University of London

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Dr Jacob Hollebon

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The Special Interest Group in Spatial Acoustics and Immersive Audio (SIG-SAIA) will bring together researchers, professionals and end-users in several disciplines, from core research areas to more applied specialisms, all dealing with the spatial aspects of audio and acoustics. More specifically, it aims at covering research and practice within the following domains:

  • Acquisition (e.g., microphone arrays and systems, beamforming techniques, direction of arrival estimation, 6DoF acoustic data acquisition)
  • Rendering (e.g., loudspeaker arrays and systems, loudspeaker-based and headphones-based immersive audio simulations, acoustic AR reproduction systems)
  • Human perception (e.g., spatial hearing, perceptual experiments, binaural auditory models, spatial hearing training)
  • Applications (e.g., immersive audio production, AR/VR for research and clinical audiology, auditory perceptual training, immersive auditory displays)

The SIG-SAIA will act as a forum for those working in these domains, where ideas can be exchanged and discussed, resources can be shared (including access to facilities), and critical issues can be tackled. Specific coordinated activities will be regularly organised with existing groups and entities, such as Immerse UK, the Abbey Road Spatial Audio Forum, as well as relevant committees hosted by the IEEE, the Audio Engineering Society, the Institute of Acoustics, and others.

The general objectives of the SIG-SAIA are in line with the ones of UKAN, therefore focussing on networking and generating new research activities in areas such as digital signal processing, computational acoustics, psychoacoustics, electroacoustics, and others, with a final aim to target key national and international research challenges through collaborations and concerted efforts.


A range of regular and occasional activities will be organised and maintained, including meetings between the SIG members, which will focus each on specific topics and challenges; a yearly workshop/showcase, hosted autonomously or within existing conferences or exhibition venues; a seminar series, both focussing on research and practical topics related with spatial acoustics; a series of joint activities with other SIGs within UKAN, as well as with groups and institutions beyond the Network; training events specifically organised for (but not limited to) early career researchers, which will involve also the participation from international researchers and institutions.

Potential outputs

Several types of outputs are expected from the SIG-SAIA efforts. The first, and possibly most relevant one, is the creation of multidisciplinary groups and consortia working together on specific challenges and topics in the areas of spatial acoustics and immersive audio, possibly submitting joint research funding proposals and engaging in long-term collaborations. Particular attention will be put on encouraging interactions between academic and industrial/professional institutions, including small and medium enterprises. Another important potential output for these networking endeavours is the creation and maximisation of impact opportunities from work and outputs that have been or are being carried out; even in this case the participation of both academic and industry/professional partners is going to be key. Other outputs could include the organisation of joint workshops/conferences, the collaborative editing and writing of special issues and books, as well as the creation of additional networks beyond UKAN, possibly looking at international partnerships.

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12 Nov 2024 - 14 Nov 2024

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