Computational Acoustics

Group co-ordinator(s)

Nicholas Ovenden
University College London

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Dr Jonathan Hargreaves
University of Salford

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Dr Amelia Gully
University of York & Oxford Wave Research

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Dr Andrew Gibbs
University College London

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Computational Acoustics comprises a range of techniques for numerical solution of acoustics problems, making it a critical underpinning technology across all fields of acoustics. The Special Interest Group for Computational Acoustics (SIG-CA) brings together researchers, professionals and end users from across the spectrum of acoustics disciplines to address the challenges arising in this field. Our goals are to bring this community closer together and to, though this, address a set of critical research challenges that have been identified through surveys and focus groups. These include issues around training, benchmarking, software-sustainability and industrial collaboration. We have hosted webinars, workshops and training (particularly for early career acousticians) with the goal of developing a thriving, open Community of Practice for professionals working on all aspects of computational acoustics. Over the duration of UKAN+, SIG-CA will continue to host regular events and training, and will develop a set of curated open-source resources on Computational Acoustics – a ‘Knowledgebase’ – that will lessen the learning curve necessary to enter the field. This will allow more people, especially early career acousticians, to participate in our community, strengthening it and ultimately benefiting the entire acoustics sector.

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