First UKAN+ Connecting SIGs event

The first UKAN+ Connecting SIGs event

The first Connecting SIGs event brings together the Sensors, Mathematical Acoustics, Computational Acoustics and Communication and Room Acoustics SIGs. The event is open to all. However, registration in advance is required. To register, click here.

3-5:30pm, 3rd December

Time Event
15:00 Welcome and introduction (Lin wang, Queen Mary)
15:05 Overview of research in Sensors SIG + Q & A (Jevgenija Prisutova, Sheffield)
15:20 Overview of research in Mathematical Acoustics SIG + Q & A (Georg Maierhofer, Cambridge)
15:35 Overview of research in Computational Acoustics SIG + Q & A (Andrew Gibbs, UCL)
15:50 Overview of research in Communication  and Room Acoustics SIG + Q & A (Philip Coleman, Surrey)
16:10 Research highlights + Q&A ((Jevgenija Prisutova, Sheffield))

  1. Novel liners for aero-engine applications (Suresh Palani, Southampton)
  2. BEM3D for computational aeroacoustics (Imran Bashir, Teesside)
  3. High-fidelity prediction of broadband aeroacoustics (Zhong-Nan Wang, Birmingham)

  4. Numerical investigation of AMMs design for combined ventilation and noise reduction (Gioia Fusaro, Sheffield)
  5. Scattering by perturbed periodic structures (Bryn Davies, Imperial)
  6. Duct acoustics: the critical layer branch cut and modal poles (Matthew King, Warwick)

  7. Characterisation of complex multiphase flows using novel acoustic and optical methods (Hugh Rice, Leeds)
  8. Acoustic sensors for leak detection and localisation in plastic water distribution pipes (Joanna Watts, Sheffield)
  9. Design of EMAT and PZT transducers (Jaime Parra-Raad, Imperial)

  10. The scalabale room acoustics modeling (SCReAM) project (Orchisama Das, Surrey)
  11. Simplifying room geometry for binaural reverberation simulation (Isaac Engel, Imperial)
  12. Seeing Music: an audio-visual game for research and public engagement (Charalampos Saitis, Queen Mary)
 16:50 Panel discussion
Panel members: Prof Euan Spence (Bath), Prof Nick Ovenden (UCL), Prof Rob Dwyer-Joyce (Sheffield), Prof Stephen Dance (London South Bank)
Moderator: Lin Wang (Queen Mary)
 17:20  Closing


Organisers (Early Career SIG)

  • Lin Wang (Queen Mary)
  • Nikhil Banda (Seiche Ltd)
  • Jevgenija Prisutova (Sheffield)
  • Georg Maierhofer (Cambridge)
  • Andrew Gibbs (UCL)
  • Philip Coleman (Surrey)