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Acoustic/Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Evaluation

Group co-ordinator(s)
Dr. Katherine Tant, University of Strathclyde
Dr. Charles MacLeod , University of Strathclyde


Group co-ordinator(s)
Prof. Philip Joseph, University of Southampton
Dr. Antonino Filippone, University of Manchester


Group co-ordinator(s)
Dr. Marc Holderied, University of Bristol
Dr. Paul Lepper, Loughborough University

Biomedical Acoustics

Group co-ordinator(s)
Prof Anna Barney, University of Southampton
Dr Haydar Aygun, London South Bank University

Communication and Room Acoustics

Group co-ordinator(s)
Prof Mark Plumbley, University of Surrey
Dr Stephen Dance, London South Bank University

Computational Acoustics

Group co-ordinator(s)
Prof Nick Ovenden, University College London
Dr Jonathan Hargreaves, University of Salford
Dr Amelia Gully, University of York

Early Careers Group

Group co-ordinator(s)
Dr Sam Jackson, University of Bristol
Dr Simone Graetzer, University of Salford
Dr Artur Gower, The University of Sheffield

Hearing Acoustics

Group co-ordinator(s)
Dr. Christian Sumner, Nottingham Trent University

Mathematical Analysis in Acoustics

Group co-ordinator(s)
Anastasia Kisil, The University of Manchester
Ed Brambley, University of Warwick
David Hewett, UCL
Georg Maierhofer, University of Cambridge


Group co-ordinator(s)
Prof. Richard V. Craster, Imperial College
Dr. Gianluca Memoli, Sussex University

Noise and Soundscape

Group co-ordinator(s)
Prof. Abigail Bristow, University of Surrey

Physical Acoustics

Group co-ordinator(s)
Dr. Olga Umnova, University of Salford


Group co-ordinator(s)
Prof. Rob Dwyer-Joyce, The University of Sheffield
Dr. Nicholas Watson, The University of Nottingham

Underwater Acoustics

Group co-ordinator(s)
Dr. Duncan Williams, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
Dr. Alan Hunter, University of Bath
Stephen Robinson, National Physical Laboratory


Group co-ordinator(s)
Prof. Barry Marshall Gibbs, University of Liverpool

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