Specialist Interest Groups

Acoustical engineering has endless applications, our members reflect this and have a diverse range of interests. UK Acoustics Network Plus (UKAN+) brings together the vast and varied acoustic community, a community whose expertise underpins many of the vital technologies we rely on in healthcare, defence and construction. It is free to join the network, our only requirement is that you have an affinity to acoustics, demonstrated through answering four questions on the application form.

Since its inception, UKAN+ has expanded to 16 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) covering major areas of acoustics. Each SIG is a community with shared common experiences, challenges and inspiration. Providing the opportunity for members to connect and advance their focused area of interest. One highly active SIG is the Early Career Group, helping to develop future academic leaders, run summer schools and academia-industry workshops. Our SIGs host events throughout the year that are generally free and open to all.

Joining a SIG lets you make valuable contacts and gains insight into topical and relevant issues. Members can join as many Groups as they wish. You are encouraged to actively participate by getting in touch with the SIG Leaders.