Mathematical Analysis in Acoustics

Group co-ordinator(s)

Dr Anastasia Kisil
University of Manchester

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Dr David Hewett
University College London

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Dr Georg Maierhofer
University of Cambridge

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Dr Ed Brambley
University of Warwick

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UKAN+ Mathematical Acoustics Paper Prize and Workshop

Supported by the EPSRC UK Acoustics Network Plus (UKAN+)

We are offering a prize for the best research paper in the broad area of Mathematical Acoustics written predominantly by a candidate who has not yet secured a permanent academic position. The deadline for submissions is 12 noon on 1st of August 2023. For further details and to submit your entry please see here:

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to present their research at the UKAN+ Mathematical Acoustics Workshop held at University College London from 18th to 19th September 2023. The workshop is open to everyone and attendance is free of charge though places are limited. The event will feature an exciting selection of invited speakers in addition to the paper prize finalists. For further details about the workshop and to apply for a place please see here:

Wavinar Seminar Series

Our monthly Wavinar online seminar series is currently on hold, however you can still view previous talks here. However, if you would like us to continue the seminars and/or give a talk yourself, please do get in touch we would be delighted to work together.

Group overview

The Special Interest Group for Mathematical Analysis in Acoustics (SIG-MAA) brings together researchers developing and applying tools from the mathematical fields of applied, numerical and asymptotic analysis in the context of acoustics. Key challenge areas to be addressed include the analysis of propagation in complex domains (e.g. with multiscale structure and/or complicated geometries), the development of effective methods for high frequency problems (in particular, the study of canonical problems arising in the Geometrical Theory of Diffraction), and the rigorous analysis and validation of computational methods.

Mathematical tools that can be applied to such problems include Wiener-Hopf methods, high- and low-frequency asymptotic methods, homogenization, Green’s functions, the unified transform method, boundary integral equations and the theory of special functions. A particular goal of the SIG will be to explore various possibilities for the hybridisation of these diverse techniques in order to develop new tools for the mathematical study of acoustics problems. Since mathematical analysis underpins many of the quantitative tools used in acoustics applications, the SIG-MAA will interact closely with other SIGs to share ideas and promote cross-disciplinary collaboration. In particular we expect strong interaction with members of the Computational Acoustics, Physical Acoustics, Aeroacoustics and Metamaterials SIGs.


Over the past years we have been active in bringing together the research community of Mathematicians in Acoustics in the broadest sense, providing opportunities to exchange ideas and promote discussion between researchers of various disciplines, and to provide a comprehensive picture of the corresponding recent research in the UK. Our past activities include the organisation of seminar series, support for conferences and research surveys. Upon consultation with the group members the SIG-MAA will organise future events in order to best support the research and collaboration efforts of the community. These events can include summer schools for in-depth knowledge transfer, as well as workshops and short meetings for discussion of challenges at the forefront of current research.

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