Sustainability theme connecting SIG event

4 March 2022

2:30 pm - 5:00 pm

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Connected SIG events aim to bring together researchers from different backgrounds under a united Grand Challenge umbrella. The umbrella theme for this event is – sustainability in acoustics. Participating SIGs:
1. Metamaterials SIG
2. Underwater acoustics SIG
4. Bioacoustics SIG

The event is open to all. However, registration in advance is required.
Join us and help us define the big question “what does sustainability means for acoustics.

Tentative schedule for the event
10 min     – Welcome
5 min       – Introduction to breakout session and the topics
20 min    – Four Breakout sessions (discussing 4 important questions of sustainability)
15 min     – Summary of breakout sessions
5 min       – break
20 min    – Research challenges from different SIG
20 min    – Discussions, Q&A
25 min     – three-minute thesis PhD/early career presentations (8 to 10 speakers)
40 min    – Two invited talks from industry – “What sustainability means for different industries”
5 min      – action items, conclusions, and future steps