Acoustics Research Priorities

The 20 Higher Order Acoustics Research Priorities are a result of collaborative work between the 16 UKAN+ Special Interest Groups, UKAN+ investigator team and UKAN+ wider community who were given the opportunity to comment on a draft (V4) document in July 2021. This document and priority list were revised in September 2021. The revision includes a majority of the comments made by UKAN+ members.

The Priorities have been assigned to one or more of four themes: Manufacturing and Transport, Sustainability, AI and Wellbeing. Each of these themes has its own ”Acoustic Champions” and Early Career ”Acoustic Champions”. It is proposed that these Priorities should guide applications for explorative (pilot) and knowledge transfer (KT) cross-disciplinary research projects between industry, government, third-sector organisations and academia which UKAN+ will support. These will also guide full-scale grant applications to be developed by our research community in the near future.