Networking event projects

In 2017 the EPSRC funded a standard Network grant to create the UK Acoustics Network (UKAN) with the explicit aim of pulling together the formerly disparate and disjointed acoustics community in the UK, across both industry and academia. UKAN Plus has developed beyond the initial network to now provide funding for translational projects but the original objective to promote, facilitate and develop acoustics remains.

UKAN+ have the remit to fund networking projects such as conferences, symposia, advocacy activities and outreach, key criteria: 

  1. the ability to promote knowledge transfer between SIGs; 
  2. the ability to facilitate knowledge transfer to a wider community in the UK and overseas; 
  3. the ability to develop new long-term collaborations leading to competitive full-scale research grants; 

If you are looking to host a larger networking event/project please submit a proposal providing details of the event, including how this will meet UKAN+ objectives and funding requirements to  The award if for a maximum of £10K and 1 week duration. Funding provided by UKAN+ will be a maximum of £8k as these awards are at 80% FEC. Submissions can be made throughout the year, but close September 2024 and the event must have taken place by 1 February 2025.

In line with the agreed protocol of UKAN+ management, the decision to award will be made by Kirill Horoshenkov Director of UKAN+ and Richard Craster Deputy Director of UKAN+.