Group co-ordinator(s)

Dr Jevgenija Prisutova
University of Sheffield

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Dr Nik Watson
University of Nottingham

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Prof Rob Dwyer-Joyce
The University of Sheffield

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At the heart of acoustics engineering is the sensor – the device by which sound is converted into data. The purpose of sensor design and development is to find new ways to both generate and receive acoustic signals; and so facilitate new measurement and monitoring possibilities for engineering products, materials and environments. The Special Interest group in Sensors (UKAN-Sense) will cover the design, development, and application of all types of acoustic sensors. This includes, but is not limited to piezo-electric materials, surface acoustic waves (SAW), electromagnetic acoustic transducers (EMAT), ultrasonic arrays, microphones, thin film sensors, printed and fibre-optic sensors.


The UKAN-Sense SIG seeks to network the disparate communities in acoustics research to maximize the use of existing sensor concepts, and develop new ones.


A major challenge is to find common ground across highly disparate disciplines; separated by both acoustic frequency, physical sensing principles, and industrial sector.


The SIG-Sense will establish a balanced membership of academics and industrialists with strong interest in acoustic sensors. The group will hold regular meetings, webinars, and forums to exchange ideas, techniques and establish collaborations. The purpose of these activities will be to identify future research needs and opportunities and where possible align these with national priorities and funding opportunities. The group will compile a list of facilities, equipment, software, and infrastructure. A special attention will be paid to the needs of early career academics, PhD students and research assistants RA’s to get them working together and developing their careers with support from senior staff. The group will establish a core team of likeminded PhD students to meet, exchange, collaborate and to carry out outreach activities and events.

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