Computational Acoustics in Industry Sandpit

24 April - 26 April 2023

University College London


The Computational Acoustic SIG leadership team are running a sandpit event that will be held at UCL in April 2023. The sandpit will run over two and a half days and its purpose is to promote academic engagement with industry, and foster new collaborative research that generates novel ideas for solutions to real-world acoustic problems. External organisations will present computational acoustics challenge/problems to an audience of interested academics and postgraduates from the acoustic community. The audience then organise into smaller groups to delve deeper into the important aspects of the challenge and, from this, they then try to formulate a research approach and determine the resources needed to tackle each challenge. Academics, postdoctoral researchers and postgraduates working working in the fields of theoretical and computational acoustics are welcome to attend.

Event Timing: 24th April (10:30am -5:30pm), 25th April (10am -5pm)  –  26 April 2023 (9:30am to 12pm)

Format: The basic structure of the workshop is as follows:

• Each external partner presents their problem or problems at the start of the workshop.
• An academic knowledge translator, liaising with the partner, will also give a further presentation on useful background mathematical/statistical techniques to help initialise discussion.
• Preassigned groups of 4-6 people discuss aspects of the problem or problems and each group highlights some key ideas and/or approaches to consider.
• A plenary session brings everyone back together to discuss the ideas put forward and carefully group them into research themes or pathways.
• Groups self-organise around each theme or pathway and work on the finer details with the aim to define a research proposal and a research team with the expertise to tackle the problem.
• These teams give presentations at the end of the workshop with their conclusions and proposals.
• After the workshop, short research proposals are prepared and submitted to the external partner for consideration. Funding opportunities can subsequently be explored in a follow-up meeting with UKAN+ support.

The event will be free to attend for UKAN+ members.

Please Register before 31st March



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