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Anna Barney
University of Southampton

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Dr Haydar Aygün
London South Bank University

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Mr Eugenio Donati

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Biomedical Acoustics Special Interest Group (BASIG) is concerned with the investigation of acoustic and ultrasound wave interaction with biological materials including soft tissue, bone, and organ systems and with the measurement, modelling and analysis of sound generated within the body eg lung sounds, speech, circulatory sounds, etc

BASIG’s research area includes the diagnostic applications of acoustics and ultrasound in medicine, human exposure to sound waves and mechanical vibration, acoustic wave propagation in biological materials, acoustic instrumentation in medicine, physiological measurement and modelling using sound, acoustic and ultrasound characterization of soft tissue, bones and organ systems, hand-and-arm, and whole body vibration, and the use of body-generated sound in diagnosis and monitoring of disease progression.

The membership of BASIG is open to early stage researchers, more senior researchers, clinicians and industry.


Biomedical Acoustics Special Interest Group (BASIG) aims to establish links between biomedical researchers and the rest of UK acoustics community, and more widely with the international  biomedical acoustics community. BASIG aims to bring acoustic researchers together to develop novel acoustic methods to tackle medical problems, to increase the impact and scope of application of acoustics and ultrasound in medicine.


BASIG proposes to hold regular meetings and to present special sessions at the UKAN meetings to highlight some of the latest findings in the area of biomedical research area and to facilitate exchange of ideas between researchers; to organize regular post-graduate students poster competitions; to  run workshops with other SIGs from both UKAN and beyond to establish links between biomedical researchers and the acoustics community;  to provide training in biomedical acoustics.

Consultation on activities with the members of BASIG will be critical to its evolution and success. A small management team comprising a mix of experienced and early career researchers will be established to coordinate the activities of the SIG.

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