Research Soundings Competition – Winners

1 December - 1 December 2023

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Submissions to the Early Career Research Soundings Competition were presented at the Third Underwater Acoustics PhD Symposium Day on 13 December 2023. Everyone attending the symposium was invited to vote for their preferred submission considering the judging criteria: creativity 🎨, clarity 🔍, and quality📝.

The winner of the competition are:

1st place: Dominique Baptiste “The Beating Heart of Our Oceans”

2nd place: Madalin Facino “From Noise to Clarity: A Sonar Symphony”

3rd (joint) place: Finn Reddington “Exploring the Soundscapes of Kimbe Bay” and George Ridgeway “Transmaterial Wave”

You can listen to the winning sounds clips here.

We look forward to receiving your submissions. Reminder that we are inviting you to submit a 30-second sound clip that represents your research project. The competition is open to all UKAN+ members in academia, industry and government in the early stages of their careers.

To enter, send your sound clip and a written explanation (up to 150 words) to

More details here (note this page is being updated to include the new closing date) where you can find sound clips from our last competition.

The winners of the 2021 competition were:

1st place – Alfie Treloar, Dynamic complicated propagation modelling

2nd place – Irene Mopin, The sound of the seafloor

3rd place – David de la Haye, At the pond edge

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