Aeroacoustics SIG Webinar: Preserving time in the analyses of jet noise and rotorcraft acoustics

15 February 2023

2:00 pmRegister

The UKAN+ Aeroacoustics SIG welcomes Dr. Woutijn J. Baars  from Delft University of Technology to present a webinar on preserving time in the analyses of jet noise and rotorcraft acoustics.


Preserving Time in the Analyses of Jet Noise and Rotorcraft Acoustics

Acoustic footprints of propulsive systems for aerospace applications are often studied in terms of the sound intensity and spectral distributions. This presentation covers the importance of including higher-order metrics in the analyses of the acoustics. Two applications in aeroacoustics are discussed in this regard: high-intensity jet noise and rotorcraft acoustics. In the case study of jet noise, the importance of accounting for nonlinear distortion in the propagation of intense noise is highlighted, and a method to predict the significance of the nonlinear distortion is presented. For rotorcraft acoustics, the time-varying intensity of the higher frequency (broadband) rotor noise content is discussed.



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