Seeking our next Early Career Acoustic Champions, 2023-2024

Closing Date
28 April 2023

We are seeking the next team of Early Career Acoustic Champions for the term 2023-2024 as the terms of our excellent current champions are ending. There are four roles available. We seek champions in the areas of Wellbeing, AI, Manufacturing and Transport and Sustainability (Net-Zero), i.e., one champion per theme. You can find out more about the current academic team here and about the acoustic champion themes and associated priorities here. The Early Career Acoustic Champions work with their Champion leads to ensure that these priorities guide applications for explorative/pilot and knowledge transfer cross-disciplinary research projects between industry, government, third-sector organisations and academia within UKAN+. The champions also sit on the Early Career Executive Board and work for the benefit of the early career members of UKAN+ directly.

You can register your interest in the roles via the Google form here. The deadline is Friday 28th April, 2023, for a term beginning in May 2023.