Postponed – CeLyA Summer School 2020: Hearing in Noise

Lyon, France

The CeLyA Summer School “Hearing in noise” will take place in Lyon France. In comparison to a conference, the talks will be longer and will introduce the basics before elaborating and finishing up with up-to-date research. The targeted audience is MSc / PhD students and postdoc potentially new to the field. Different sessions are organized to cover different aspects of hearing in noise. Speakers include John Culling (University of Cardiff, Clarity Project) and James Kates (University of Colorado).

The participants and speakers are strongly encouraged to stay for the entire duration of the school to get more opportunities to interact with one another. Specific social activities are organized on the premises to favour informal interactions. The participants will be able to present their own research during a dedicated poster session (presentation is encouraged but not mandatory to participate in the school).

The school is free from registration fees (which includes all the sessions and social events except accommodation), so we have a finite number of places (around 100). Therefore, we ask the participants to register by sending a short CV (1 page max.) and a few lines explaining their motivations for attending the school. Accommodation is not provided, but reservation can be made at a special rate on the premises.

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Posted on 21st January 2020 in Early Career, Events