7th Symposium on Acoustics of Poroelastic Materials

7 November - 10 November 2023

China (Changshu) and Italy (Sorrento) and online.

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Join us for an extraordinary event that transcends borders:

the 7th Symposium on Acoustics of Poroelastic Materials (SAPEM) that will take place in two  captivating locations: China (Changshu) and Italy (Sorrento). One half of each day of the conference is dedicated to shared presentations, broadcast live in both places. The other half is reserved for unique activities exclusive to each site.

The detailed technical program will be unveiled in the coming days with 5 non-parallel sessions featuring 32 20-minute talks and 7 keynotes, offering a sneak peek into advanced modelling, cutting-edge characterisation techniques, and the development of innovative acoustical materials, both natural and man-made.

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