Dr Xudong Niu
University of Bristol

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Professional/research interests:
Having accumulated more than a decade of professional experience in structural integrity on civil infrastructures, my area of expertise revolves around permanent/robotic non destructive testing for oil/gas pipelines. My career aspiration is to excel in the field of non destructive testing utilizing ultrasonic guided wave techniques. I have a solid publication record with 19 papers on non destructive evaluation technologies, and a proven track record of industrial experience in successful project management, including internationalMy research interests involve non-destructive testing, specifically focusing on ultrasonic guided wave inspection and evaluation, as well as defect characterisation for pipelines. This field aims to develop methods and techniques for effectively detecting and assessing defects in pipelines using guided ultrasonic waves, enabling reliable and efficient inspection and maintenance practices.

What would you like UKAN to do for you?
UKAN plays a vital role in supporting the securing of research bids and fostering collaborative opportunities. By leveraging UKAN's resources and network, we can explore various funding avenues and forge partnerships to advance our research initiatives in manufacturing and transport acoustics. Together, we have the potential to make substantial contributions to the academic and industrial communities.

How would you like to contribute to UKAN?
(1) To help in generating content for UKAN's website, newsletters, or publications; (2) To assist in connecting UKAN members with relevant experts, researchers, or industry professionals for potential collaborations; (3) To provide assistance in organizing and promoting events, such as conferences, webinars, or workshops; (4) To contribute the development of training materials, e-learning modules, or educational resources.

Multi-sensing acoutsic pipe inspection robot

Software or numerical codes:
Finite element modeling in ABAQUS/COMSOL simulates elastic wave propagation in structures, and analytical models in MATLAB simulate guided wave excitation and propagation.

Specialist Interest Groups:
Acoustic/Ultrasonic Non-Destructive EvaluationCommunication and Room AcousticsEarly CareerMathematical Analysis in AcousticsMetamaterialsSensorsUnderwater Acoustics