Dr Merate Barakat
UWE Bristol

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Professional/research interests:
Computational Design and simulation for Urban Design, Immersive Technologies for architectural site analysis documentation, Phenomenology and collective intelligence of aural spatial navigation, testing new sonic design applications for digitally-driven tooling and fabrication, and embedding sensors and actuators to embed intelligence to create a sonic responsive system. 1) How do people behave collectively in response to an intelligent sonic environment? 2) How does the sound perception of pleasure/displeasure affect people's behaviour (collaboration and negation) in a public space? 3) How can a collective response to aural cues contribute towards developing quantitative metrics for a computational model?

What would you like UKAN to do for you?
Psychoacoustics, soundscape and aural preception expertise are not pervasive in my primary field, namely architecture design. I'm interested in collaborating with sound experts from other fields to build a stronger connection and systematically integrate aural design in architecture design.

How would you like to contribute to UKAN?
I have learned from my existing collaborations with Music Technologists, and acoustic experts, my fundamental training as an architect and my expertise in merging computational design and soundscape, providing reciprocal generative discussions and innovative ideas. I hope to continue that contribution through the UKAN network.

Digital Fabrication equipment, and material

Software or numerical codes:
Rhino - Grasshopper 3D + C# and Python JAVA, JavaScript + Web-based database MultiAgent Based Systems, Microcontrollers, and Ambient Intelligence

Specialist Interest Groups:
BioacousticsComputational AcousticsEarly CareerNoise and SoundscapeSpatial Acoustics and Immersive Audio