Prof Kirill Horoshenkov
The University of Sheffield

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Professional/research interests:
My main research interests are in novel sensors for water industry, novel acoustic materials and physical acoustics. I am still very interested the acoustics of porous media. In the past I studied audio-visual interactions and design of nature-inspired noise control solutions. I lead the EPSRC UK Acoustics Network, Theme 3 (Inspecting and restoring water infrastructures using robotic autonomous systems) on the EPSRC TWENTY65 Grand Challenges Grant and EPSRC Programme Grant Pipebots.

What would you like UKAN to do for you?
Peer review my research ideas and to help me prioritise these ideas to stay competitive internationally in terms of the quality of my research and its originality.

How would you like to contribute to UKAN?
I am particular keen to support early career researchers, SMEs and larger R&D teams in the UK working in acoustics. An important aim of the UK Acoustics Network to help acoustics related research in the UK to stay internationally leading and competitive.

Jonas Laboratory which has top of the range facilities for acoustic material characterisation (DRG website). This laboratory hosts a range of impedance tubes, flow resistivity equipment and DMA equipment. Another facility is the EPSRC/ERDF Laboratory for Validation and Verificaion, LVV, which is a bespoke vibro-acoustic facility with climate control (LVV). It hosts a range of climate chambers (climate chambers) with shaker tables, accelerometer and microphone arrays. It also has a state-of-the-art wave tank (wave tank image ) for hydro-acoustics experiments. The lab is a home to several laser vibrometers including a scanning laser vibrometer Polytec OFV-5000.

Software or numerical codes:
To appear soon

Specialist Interest Groups:
Acoustic/Ultrasonic Non-Destructive EvaluationMathematical Analysis in AcousticsPhysical AcousticsSensors