Dr Hasina Begum
University of Sheffield

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Professional/research interests:
I have recently completed my PhD at the University of Sheffield where I worked with Professor Kirill Horoshenkov and looked at acoustic insulation of pipes using wonder materials called aerogels. My studentship was part funded by Armacell via the EPSRC CDT Polymers, Soft Matter & Colloids. The main objective of my research was to understand the microstructural and acoustical properties of silica aerogels to ultimately develop and validate a robust mathematical model for the vibro-acoustic performance of composite insulation systems in pipes and buildings. My PhD gave me a plethora of transferable skills and opportunities. I completed over 6 months of my research abroad at international institutes such as the spinout company Materiacustica, from the University of Ferrara, Italy and Empa - Materials research institute in Zurich, Switzerland. I stayed on as a visiting researcher at the University of Sheffield and work as a Project Engineer at Nuron, looking at the flow monitoring and system maintenance of wastewater in pipes using dual-purpose fiber optic sensing technology. Research interests include: polymers, materials science, porous materials, silica aerogels, noise reduction, vibro-acoustics, meta-materials, sound absorption, fiber optics, distributed acoustic sensing

Specialist Interest Groups:
Early CareerMetamaterialsPhysical AcousticsVibro-acoustics