UKAN+ Webinar: Office Soundscape Assessments, Aural Histories and Augmented Reality Acoustics

3 September 2024

11:00 pm - 12:00 amRegister

Ben West
Ben West is a Lecturer in Audio Engineering at Birmingham City University. Ben worked as an Acoustic Engineer in the automotive industry for ten years, holds an MSc in Acoustics with Audio Applications from the University of Salford, and is a Member of the Institute of Acoustics (MIOA). Ben’s research interests include soundscapes, sound quality and immersive audio.
Talk 1 (Ben West)
This study investigated the suitability of soundscape evaluations for open-plan office acoustics. Perceptual assessments were completed by occupants of eight open-plan office floorplates, using the affective dimensions outlined in PD ISO/TS 12913-3:2019 and indoor soundscape studies. Results indicate the suitability of the PD ISO/TS 12913-3:2019 two-dimensional model to open-plan office environments.
Islah Ali-MacLachlan
Dr. Islah Ali-MacLachlan is an Associate Professor and leader of the Acoustics and Audio Analysis research cluster at Birmingham City University. He has been involved in several projects encompassing acoustics and cultural heritage including analysis of Irish traditional music and modelling of historical buildings.
Talk 2 (Islah Ali-MacLachlan)
The Aural Histories project investigates the architectural and acoustical evolution of religious buildings in Coventry, with a specific focus on Holy Trinity Church and St. Mary’s Guildhall between 1451 and 1652. This study contrasts the historical structures with their present-day counterparts. Utilising period-specific music performed by expert musicians on historically recreated instruments, the project captures and renders these performances in binaural audio, offering an immersive auditory experience that reflects the acoustic properties of the original architectural environments.
Carlo Harvey
Professor Harvey, a distinguished academic in the College of Computing, specialises in Computer Graphics and AI/ML with a focus on image classification and synthetic data. He has received accolades such as the Innovate UK Business Impact and Transformation award in 2023 and the TIGA Outstanding Lecturer award in 2022. Professor Harvey is poised to apply his expertise in advanced AI/ML techniques to practical manufacturing settings, ensuring impactful and innovative outcomes.
Talk 3 (Carlo Harvey)
This talk will present a concise overview of recent advancements in computer vision and acoustic material classification, focusing on identifying frequency-dependent absorption coefficients for augmented reality sound rendering. This talk will highlight innovative pipelines integrating vision-based systems to enhance audio experiences, automate material tagging, and improve acoustic realism in virtual environments. Discover how these cutting-edge techniques influence user perception and task performance in AR applications.
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