Technical Conference for Propulsion and Power Industry (Hong Kong)

17 October - 19 October 2023

Hong Kong, China

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Call for Papers

Technical Conference for Propulsion and Power Industry

The Global Power and Propulsion Society has issued a Call for Papers for its 2023 International Technical Conference to be held in Hong Kong, China taking place on October 17 – 19th, 2023.

The focus of the conference addresses ‘The promise of 2050, when the Power is Clean and Global Travel is Electrifying’

Authors have been invited to submit abstracts between 100 – 200 words related to the following topics:

  • Aeroacoustics & Noise
  • Combustor & Combustion
  • Deposition, Erosion, Fouling & Icing in Gas Turbines
  • Ducts, Nozzles, Exhausts & Component Interaction and Integration
  • Energy Systems & Carriers
  • Energy Transition & Renewables
  • Heat Transfer
    • General interest
    • Film cooling
    • Internal cooling
    • Design and analysis methods
  • Instrumentation, Control, Testing, Monitoring & Diagnostics
  • Secondary Air System & Sealing
  • Mechanics and Materials
    • Stress and vibration
    • Fatigue, fracture and life
    • Rotordynamics
    • Seal/bearing dynamics
    • Design and analysis methods
    • New materials, coatings, manufacturing
  • Supercritical CO2
  • Thermodynamic Cycles for Power and Propulsion
  • Turbomachinery Aerodynamics
    • Axial-flow compressors
    • Radial/mixed-flow compressors
    • Fans/blowers
    • Turbochargers, small turbomachines, new applications
    • Axial/radial-flow turbines
    • Steam turbines
    • Wind turbines
    • Design and analysis methods
  • Turbomachinery Aeroelasticity
    • Flutter
    • Forced response
    • Nonsynchronous vibration
    • Design and analysis methods
  • Turbomachinery Unsteady Aerodynamics
    • General interest
    • Rotating stall, rotating instability and surge
    • Blade row interaction and inlet distortion
    • Design and analysis methods
  • Pumps

Submission Guidelines

Authors should submit an abstract of 100 – 200 words through the GPPS webtool, submission instructions can be downloaded here as PDF.

Final acceptance of papers will be determined by peer review of the draft manuscripts and approval of final papers by the Review Chair. If warranted by review, papers may also be recommended for publication in the GPPS  journal.

One Author for each paper published in the Conference must attend to present. A registration fee is required.

All presented papers will be published after the Conference, with selected papers published within the GPPS  journal after the event.

In case of any issues regarding the submission process, please contact Ben Newton on ben.newton@gpps.global.

Please note: Where applicable, approval of your paper by your associated company is often required. 

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