Acoustics Ventilation Overheating: Residential Design Guide

The much anticipated and long-awaited Acoustics, Ventilation, Overheating: Residential Design Guide (aka the “AVO Guide”) has been published by the Association of Noise Consultants. You can download a free copy from the Association of Noise Consultants’ website. At 26,500 words it provides a wealth of information. Read our Quick Start to the AVO Guide to get you going. We are co-organising, presenting and facilitating the launch event and workshop. Publication of this ground-breaking guide follows the draft that was published in February 2018, industry consultation, and development of the Guide to respond to the consultation responses. The AVO Guide significantly improves the assessment of noise impact on occupants of new residential development; this enables development that is more sustainable and clarity for design drivers. The AVO Guide recognises that occupants may find a balance for their internal environmental conditions between noise, air quality and thermal comfort.