Defence Acoustic Scientists

Defence Science and Technology Laboratory

Salisbury, Fareham

Closing Date
1 July 2022

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Dstl (the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory) works to harness science and technology to maximise the defence and security of the UK.

Dstl is looking for engineers and scientists to join our Acoustics team.

You’ll work on a diverse and technically demanding programme of work to deliver acoustic capability in the Underwater Battlespace for UK Defence and its international partners.

You’ll will use your knowledge and experience to work closely with industry, academia, and international partners to design, develop, test and demonstrate mathematical or physical models, signal processing schemes, and algorithms, for passive and active sonar solutions, ocean acoustics and acoustic signature control solutions, to maintain UK advantage for the detection, classification, localisation, and tracking of mobile and static underwater targets, such as submarines and mines, and unfettered operation in the underwater environment.