Connecting SIGs event on AI: Scope and challenges of AI in Acoustics

6 March 2024

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm



UKAN+ is organising a second series of Connecting SIGs events, the aim of which is to enable members across all special interest groups (SIGs) to learn more about the research conducted in other SIGs and to connect with other researchers. Four events will be held, each focussed on one of the four UKAN+ research themes, Wellbeing, Manufacturing and Transport, AI and Sustainability, and highlighting the activities relating to three or four of the UKAN+ SIGs. We believe that these events will result in networking opportunities and potential future collaborations, as well as offering exposure to an interdisciplinary audience across academia, industry and other sectors. UKAN+ members from all SIGs and all stages of their career are welcome to attend.

We are happy to announce that the next Connecting SIGs event on AI will be held on Wednesday 6th March from 2 to 4pm. The theme is the Scope and Challenges of AI in Acoustics. The four SIGs presenting in this event will be Mathematical Analysis in Acoustics, Acoustic Sensors, Computational Acoustics and Bioacoustics.


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  1. Welcome address and introduction to each SIG
  2. Invited talk from Haohe Liu (University of Surrey) on “Recent Progress and Applications of Audio Artificial Intelligence Technologies”
  3. Short pitch talks (with prize awarded to the best talk)
  4. Group/panel discussion of the following questions:
    • Opportunities for AI
    • How can each SIG improve the collaborative research culture?


  • Arshdeep Singh (Surrey), Early Career AI Champion
  • Mark Plumbley and Alan Hunter, AI Champions
  • Lara Diaz Garcia (Strathclyde), Bioacoustics SIG
  • Anastasia Kisil (Manchester), Mathematical Analysis in Acoustics SIG
  • Helen Whitehead (Salford), Bioacoustics SIG
  • Nick Ovenden (UCL), Computational Acoustics SIG
  • Rob Dwyer-Joyce (Sheffield), Sensors SIG
  • Simone Graetzer (Salford), Early Career SIG Chair



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