UK/US Underwater Acoustics Conference – December 2018

4 December - 5 December 2018

St Anne's College
56 Woodstock Road

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Invited Talks

“Recent Developments and Future Issues in Underwater Acoustics”
Marcia Isakson, University of Texas at Austin, US

“A Scintillating Problem: Sound Propagation Through the Stochastic Ocean”
John Colosi, Naval Postgraduate School, US

“Underwater Applications of Structural Acoustics”
John Smith, Defence Science & Technology Laboratory, UK

“Seabed Physics in the New England Mudpatch”
David Knobles, Knobles Scientific and Analysis, US

“Underwater Noise Monitoring and Modelling in the UK and North East Atlantic” (AB Wood Medal Lecture)
Nathan Merchant, Centre for Environmental Fisheries and Aquaculture Science, UK

“Doppler Passive Fathometry”
Chris Harrison, Teddington, UK

“Recent at Sea Propagation Studies”
Robert Headrick, Office of Naval Research, US

“How Anthropogenic Changes in Ocean Soundscapes Affect Marine Life”
Peter Tyack, University of St Andrews, UK

Contributed Talks

“Mapping and Living in Marine Habitats: Sonars, Seismics and Ambient Sounds”
Philippe Blondel, University of Bath, UK

“Imaging Ocean Waves with Sound Waves and Light Waves”
Alan Hunter, University of Bath, UK

“Numerical Green’s Function Determination Technique for Far Field Acoustic Scattering Evaluation”
Aaron Gunderson, University of Texas at Austin, US

“Seabed Vibrational Waves Create Localised Evanescent Water Waves”
Dick Hazelwood, Hazelwood Associates, UK

“Seabed Acoustic Properties: Rocks, Sediments, Hydrates and Gas”
Angus Best, National Oceanography Centre, UK

“Identifying Environmental Factors in Mid-Frequency Reverberation Using a Bottom-Mounted System”
Brian Hefner, University of Washington, US

“Wave Monitoring Using a UAS Flight Controller for Hydrophone Retraction and Extension to Reduce the Effects of Flow Noise”
Steven Lloyd, Loughborough University, UK

“Use of Ocean Gliders for Passive Acoustic Monitoring”
Pierre Cauchy, University of East Anglia, UK

“Variability of Mid-Frequency Sound Propagation and Detection”
DJ Tang, University of Washington, US

“Unmanned Aerial Vehicles as a Platform for Autonomous PAM of the Harbour Porpoise”
Daniel Babatunde, Loughborough University, UK

“Metasurfaces Underwater and on Elastic Surfaces”
Richard Craster, Imperial College London, UK

“Seabed Reflection Measurements, Modelling and Inferences”
Charles Holland, Penn State University, US

“Growing Piezocomposite Underwater Transducers by Freeze Casting”
Alan Hunter, University of Bath, UK

“Spatial and Temporal Variation in the Acoustic Habitat of Bottlenose Dolphins”
Sarah Marley, University of Portsmouth, UK

“Recent Studies of Physics of Acoustic Waveguide Over Continental Shelf Break”
Mohsen Badiey, University of Delaware, US

“Detecting and Removing Aliased Seabed Echoes in Fisheries Acoustic Data”
Robert Blackwell, British Antarctic Survey, UK

“Advances in the Active Detection of Cetacea with Opportunistic Seismic Sources”
Nikhil Banda, Seiche Marine Acoustic Solutions, UK

Contributed Posters

“Thermo-Visco Acoustics in Narrow Channels”
Erik Neefjes, University of Manchester, UK

“Time Delay Estimation for Repeat Pass Synthetic Aperture Sonar Micro-Navigation”
Ben Thomas, University of Bath, UK

“Deep Water Drifting by Acoustic-Gravity Waves Generated by Submarine Earthquakes”
Mohammed Alghazi, Cardiff University, UK

“Inverse Solution for Acoustic Radiation from Slender Fault”
Bernabe Gomez, Cardiff University, UK

“Acoustic-Gravity Wave Propagation From a Slender Fault”
Byron Williams, Cardiff University, UK

“Effect of Sea Bottom Elasticity on Gravity / Acoustic Waves From Submarine Earthquakes”
Usama Kadri, Cardiff University, UK

Special Talks

“A History of Sonar”
Willem Hackmann, Linacre College, UK

“UK Acoustics Network”
Richard Craster, Imperial College London, UK

“Developing International Partners of ONR Global and Funding Opportunities”
Nick Chotiros, ONR Global, UK


The Special Interest Group for Underwater Acoustics (SIGUA), as part of the EPSRC UK Acoustics Network, would like to invite contributions to a UK/US Underwater Acoustics Conference, co-sponsored by the Institute of Acoustics and the Acoustical Society of America. The aim of the conference is to bring together UK and US based researchers, from academia, industry and government, to review recent contributions to underwater acoustics, to provide a forum to discuss and exchange views and to consider possible UK US cooperation in all areas of underwater acoustics.

UK and US are two of the world’s most significant contributors to the underwater acoustics research landscape and have enjoyed successful cooperation going back to the experiments of Tyndall and Henry and other developments in early sonar. Strengthening the cooperation between the two countries will help to develop the links and mobility between UK and US research groups and generate new opportunities at home and across the world.

The conference is open to all areas of underwater acoustics but areas that are of common interest to UK and US researchers and where cross fertilisation and cooperation would have benefits are particularly encouraged.

Authors are invited to submit a title and 300 word abstract for a talk or poster to Underwater Acoustics SIG by 19 October 2018.

The conference will be structured around invited talks from leading researchers in each of the two countries with contributed talks and posters plus a special talk about the history of sonar from Willem Hackmann, Emeritus Fellow of Linacre College, author of Seek & Strike.

The conference is free to attend. General Admission tickets are available to register for the conference through the Eventbrite.

There is a conference dinner at St Anne‘s College on the evening of 4 December. Conference Dinner tickets are available to purchase. Dinner will include pre-drinks reception with canapes and sparkling wine followed by a 3 course dinner from the college winter menu served with red and white wine.


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