Webinar – Symphony in the oceans, Nikhil Banda (Seiche)

1 September 2020

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Online via Crowdcast

Webinar: Symphony in the oceans: using acoustics as an interdisciplinary tool for the marine environment (Nikhil Banda, Seiche)

The marine environment poses many exciting and unique engineering challenges. Seawater strongly attenuates propagation of the electromagnetic spectrum. Hence, acoustic signals – with large speeds of sound (compared to the air) and relatively low attenuation – are frequently employed for sensing by marine organisms and engineers alike. Underwater sound proliferates fields such as biology (marine mammals and fisheries), communication and navigation, defence, environmental protection (noise impact), geology (seismic exploration), weather and climate (global warming), etc.

This talk will highlight the current scientific and commercial challenges of the underwater ecosystem. New solutions with advanced signal processing techniques and machine learning are gathering pace. The complex propagation of signals underwater, their interactions with various mid-water targets, and relevant industrial applications will be examined. Advances including marine mammal protection, marine robotics, anthropogenic noise, and target detection using active sonar will be presented. The intention is to focus on the development of novel commercial solutions based on fundamental research.


Dr. Nikhil Banda is a Research Engineer at Seiche Ltd and has 10 years’ experience in both commercial and research based acoustics. Previously he was a Research Associate and a Visiting Research Fellow at the Department of Physics, University of Bath, and also worked as an automotive design manager at Tata Motors India Ltd. He worked on low-frequency and high-frequency propagation, oceanographic deployments, experimental studies, target detection, and environmental impact assessment. Nikhil has an MSc and a PhD in underwater acoustics from the University of Southampton and an M.Tech from IIT Delhi in Machinery Design.

Nikhil has a keen interest in combining interdisciplinary research ideas that solve commercial problems. He also spends his time in training and outreach. His LinkedIn profile can be found here.


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