Closing Date
16 March 2021

Applications are invited for a Research Fellow (RF) position for 18 months within the Centre for Vision Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP), University of Surrey, UK, to work on a project titled “SIGNetS – Signal and Information Gathering for Networked Surveillance”.  SIGNetS is a collaborative project between the University of Surrey, University of Cambridge and the University of Sheffield, to address fundamental challenges in distributed sensing, multimodal data fusion and autonomous sensor management.

The work at Surrey will focus on new methods and algorithms of autonomous sensor management and fusion for large scale distributed sensor networks. In a complex environment, a variety of heterogeneous sensors may be deployed for network surveillance, where the sensor measurements are collected in different dimensions, resolutions, reliability and power consumptions. As a result, it is often infeasible to schedule the execution of the task as a priori, without consuming additional resources including communication loads and computational over-heads. To address this issue, new strategies are required for autonomous sensor management, with consideration of practical constraints and performance trade-off.

The postholder will be responsible for investigating and developing autonomous sensor management algorithms and performance analysis, scalable algorithms for large scale sensor networks, and uncertainty modelling and quantification with heterogeneous sensor measurements. Other areas of expertise that are relevant to this project include nonlinear filtering, Bayesian inference, message passing, graph signal processing, variational inference, and EXIT chart for performance analysis. The postholder should have a doctoral level (or equivalent) research and development experience in electronic engineering, control engineering, telecommunications, computer science or related subjects.

The post-holder will be based in CVSSP, and work under the direction of the Principal Investigator Prof Wenwu Wang, with co-supervision by Prof Pei Xiao from the Institute for Communication Systems (5G Innovation Centre).

CVSSP is an International Centre of Excellence for research in Audio-Visual Machine Perception, with over 150 researchers, a grant portfolio of £24M (£17.5M EPSRC) from EPSRC, EU, InnovateUK, charity and industry, and a turnover of £7M/annum. The Centre has state-of-the-art acoustic capture and analysis facilities and a Visual Media Lab with video and audio capture facilities supporting research in real-time video and audio processing and visualisation. CVSSP has a compute facility with 120 GPUs and >1PB of high-speed secure storage.

For informal inquiries, please contact Prof Wenwu Wang (Email:; Web:

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