Recent examples of use of vibro-acoustic simulations in the industry

20 September 2022

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Online - Zoom


Webinar brief

Some notions of vibro-acoustics will be reminded, including the difference between deterministic and statistical approaches. Then, the importance of using appropriate numerical methods will be presented. A few examples of use of commercial vibro-acoustic software in different industries will be provided: space, marine, train… The added value of some new methods to solve such problems in an industrial context will be underlined.”

Stephane Caro

Stephane graduated from Ecole Centrale de Lyon in 1999 and completed a PhD on aeroacoustics in 2003. He then worked during 10 years in the vibro-acoustic software company developing ACTRAN, before joining another software company in 2013: wavesix. There, Stephane has used his background and expertise to contribute to the elaboration of the next generation CAE software for vibro-acoustics, created from the ground up with new state of the art methods and a single integrated environment. In 2017, wave6 was acquired by DASSAULT SYSTEMES. In the past few years, Stephane’ main task has been to use his expertise in vibro-acoustics to demonstrate the use of wave6 and help clients solve their problems

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