PhD Studentship: Dynamic Refinement and NVH of Electric Powertrains at Loughborough University

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18 September 2022

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PhD Opportunity Title: Dynamic Refinement and NVH of Electric Powertrains

Advert Text: Powertrain electrification is a significant step-change in reducing the adverse effects of fossil-fuelled internal combustion engines on global warming. Powertrain electrification is a main contributor in meeting the CO2 reduction targets for automotive manufacturers. However, there are significant engineering challenges in terms of electric powertrain integration and dynamic refinement. These modern powertrains are accompanied by their unique noise and vibration characteristics that requires scientific and engineering solutions. Understanding and addressing these NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) challenges are imperative to product quality and customer satisfaction.

This interdisciplinary PhD project aims at developing computational models for better understanding and predicting the primary NVH root causes in electrified powertrain systems. The methodology will be based on a multiphysics and multiscale approach, incorporating multibody dynamics, contact mechanics, tribology, mechanical vibrations, and signal processing. This will include development of existing detailed combined tribology and dynamic (tribodynamic) models for assessment of powertrain components such as power transmission gears, support bearings, shafts, and associated structures. The correlation between the numerical simulations and associated powertrain NVH attributes is investigated through a series of experimental studies using different techniques such as laser vibrometry, contact accelerometery and acoustic measurements at the laboratory scale. This research project is in collaboration with Jaguar Land Rover, one of the pioneers in developing and manufacturing high performance electric vehicles.

This project offers a unique opportunity for the candidate to learn and put into use advanced state-of-the-art numerical analysis techniques as well as experimental and practical skills. The successful candidate will join one of the leading automotive powertrain research groups in the UK and globally in automotive tribodynamics.

Is the project University funded or self-funded?: University funded

Funding eligibility: Competition funded project (students worldwide)

Who is eligible to apply?: Both UK and International

Full-time/part-time availability: Full-time (3 years)

Closing Date: 18th September 2022

Advert Reference: P2SAM22-06

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