New Features for Acoustics Modeling in COMSOL® 5.6 Web Workshop

23 November - 23 November 2020

11:00 am - 12:00 pm


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COMSOL will be hosting a live web workshop to showcase the new features for Acoustic Modelling in COMSOL version 5.6. The registration link is:

New features include:

  • Nonlinear acoustics for high-intensity ultrasound
  • Sound distortion in mobile device loudspeakers due to nonlinear thermoviscous effects
  • Mechanical port conditions for analyzing vibration paths and mechanical feedback
  • New boundary element method (BEM) formulation for large scattering models, including sonar applications
  • Room acoustics metrics including reverberation time, definition, and clarity using ray acoustics
  • Faster impulse response for ray acoustics
  • Waveform Audio File Format (.wav) export
Posted on 16th November 2020 in Computational Acoustics, Events