Intersecting Audio AI Trust, Security, and Privacy

19 July 2023

1:00 pm

Online - Zoom webinar

Abstract: What will happen when microphones are everywhere in our smart cities and buildings? From analysing acoustic scenes to monitoring building occupancy levels, there are many opportunities to exploit speech and audio to contribute to well-being experiences. But there remains a persistent question about the barriers that need to be overcome in order for people to feel safe and to develop trust for these technologies. This talk explores how issues of trust, security, and privacy intersect as we move ever closer toward real-world deployment of smart audio technologies in everyday life.
Bio: Dr. Jennifer Williams is Assistant Professor in the School of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton. She is PI and Co-PI of several projects with the Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Hub (TAS Hub), including collaborations with researchers in the US and UK. Her work explores fundamental acoustic signal analysis for clinical applications, smart buildings and cities, and privacy protections. She is also Chair of the special interest group on Security and Privacy in Speech Communication through the International Speech Communication Association.
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Posted on 13th February 2023 in Events, Communication and Room Acoustics, Computational Acoustics