International Priorities in Hearing – Survey

30 September 2024

Survey Invitation -International Hearing Research Priorities: PHASE 2

The Aim

We (members of the UK Acoustics Network) are returning to you, members of the international hearing research community, to help us finish developing a clear set of international priorities for hearing research through an online ranking exercise.

We aim to make these priorities accessible to everyone by publishing the results in a peer-reviewed open-access format, which we feel would benefit many in the field when talking with funders / policy makers / commissioners.

The Project so far

As a reminder…

We first surveyed the views of senior hearing researchers internationally (66 experts and over 15,000 words; great job and thank-you!). Using thematic analysis, we derived 36 distinct priorities. These range from more precise and technical, to more abstract, wide-ranging or conceptual.


The Ask

Now it’s your turn… (again)! We are now asking everyone involved in hearing research in its broadest sense to please rank these priorities in terms of their importance to you and your research.

More information, and the survey itself, can be found here:

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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us using the contact details below.


Thank you!

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Members of the UKAN Hearing SIG Committee