UKAN+ Webinar: Exploring Sound Sensing AI for Home Wellbeing through Participatory Design Research

18 June 2024

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Online Zoom webinar


Sounds in our environment can have a profound impact on our wellbeing. Machine learning AI technology can automatically monitor and categorise everyday sounds and could facilitate an exploration into how subjective wellbeing and its impact on objective wellbeing is influenced by sounds in the environment.

Design research, such as the use of interactive and discursive workshops to collaboratively generate new design concepts with end-users and other stakeholders, has been used in AI development to prevent machine biases in the design of AI systems. Yet, there exists little research in designing AI sound sensing technology for wellbeing.

This talk will discuss how design research can be used to develop AI sound sensing technology for home wellbeing using a “virtual world cafe” method as a new participatory design method and how results inspired future research for “Designing AI for Home Wellbeing”.

Author Bio

Emily is a Future Surrey Fellow at the University of Surrey, currently in receipt of a fully funded 3-year fellowship with proleptic appointment to establish “Designing AI for Home Wellbeing” as a new interdisciplinary field and design approach. Prior to this, she was the lead design researcher on the EPRSC “AI for Sound” Fellowship where participatory design approaches were employed to explore sound sensing AI for wellbeing in different contexts. Since the completion of her PhD exploring services and technologies for home happiness in 2017 at Loughborough University, Emily has worked tirelessly on various projects promoting technology for good and wellbeing.

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