Dstl Acoustics Scientists

Defence Science and Technology Laboratory

Physical Sciences Group


Contract Type

£26,305 - £39,893

Closing Date
29 May 2023

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Job summary

Physical Sciences Group (PSG) is looking for a scientifically talented and knowledgeable individual with a solid understanding of mathematics and/or physics, with some experience of acoustics, fluid dynamics, ocean-acoustic science or a related area, an enthusiasm for both research and real world applications, and an interest in problem solving, to operate in a diverse and technically demanding programme of work to deliver acoustic capability in the Underwater Battlespace for UK Defence and its international partners.

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As an Acoustics Scientist you will use your knowledge and experience to work closely with industry, academia, and international partners to design, develop, test and demonstrate mathematical or physical models, signal processing schemes, and algorithms, for passive and active sonar solutions, ocean acoustics and acoustic signature control solutions, to maintain UK advantage for the detection, classification, localisation, and tracking of mobile and static underwater targets, such as submarines and mines, and unfettered operation in the underwater environment.  We are also keen to recruit someone who has experience of airborne acoustics in order to measure armoured vehicle noise to ensure the safe operation of military platforms.

This work has a high impact on MOD decision-making for current and future Royal Navy platforms during a time of accelerated development of underwater science and technology and demands a commitment and willingness to learn new skills and knowledge and a strong desire to apply this learning for the benefit of Defence and security.  The individual will join a group that is at the forefront of underwater acoustics science and technology and holds a unique position with unparalleled opportunities across a wide range of Defence applications to develop world-class acoustics scientists.