Dstl Acoustic Scientists

Defence Science and Technology Laboratory

Platform Systems

Salisbury, Fareham

Closing Date
14 November 2021

This job is now closed but for more job opportunities with Dstl including placements see Civil Service Jobs.


Dstl is looking for up to 6 Acoustic Scientists to be based with Physical Sciences Group at Dstl Porton Down or Underwater Group at Dstl Portsdown West. As an Acoustic Scientist you would use your knowledge and experience to work closely with industry, academia and international partners to design, develop, test and demonstrate mathematical and physical models, signal processing schemes, and algorithms, for passive and active sonar solutions, ocean acoustics and acoustic signature control solutions, to maintain UK advantage for the detection, classification, localisation, and tracking of mobile and static underwater targets, such as submarines and mines, and unfettered operation in the underwater environment.

See here for more details and how to apply.

Some of the opportunities with Physical Sciences Group include:

Underwater Acoustics Modeller – you would develop new models and use modelling and simulation schemes and work with us to understand how sound interacts with underwater structures with application to submarines and mines.

Underwater Acoustics Data Scientist – you would apply modern data science and machine learning techniques to next generation sonar systems with an emphasis on detection and classification solutions for passive sonar.

Ocean Acoustics Researcher – you would develop new solutions, use models, conduct analysis, and work with acoustic data from the latest autonomous platforms and sensor techniques to understand how different properties of the ocean environment influence sonar performance and related sonar capability.

Candidates should have a solid understanding of physics and mathematics, an enthusiasm for both research and real world applications, and an interest in problem solving.  Ideal candidates would have some experience of acoustics or a related area but this is not essential and you can expect to develop your skills and expertise in underwater acoustics and sonar signal processing as part of this role.

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