Canonical Scattering Problems Workshop

6 February - 10 February 2023

Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, UK

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Registration deadline: 31st October 2022

Workshop theme

This workshop aims to showcase the most up-to-date developments in the theoretical and numerical treatment of wave scattering. The word canonical refers to wave scattering by simple obstacles. These include, but are not restricted to, infinite scatterers with a distinct geometric feature (half-planes, wedges, etc.) or simple smooth scatterers (cylinders, spheres, etc.). Canonical problems are excellent for developing innovative mathematical and numerical approaches and illustrating their strengths. The purpose of the workshop is to inspire participants to apply the advanced theoretical techniques presented to significant practical problems. It will bring together recognised international leaders and early career researchers to maximise the visibility of this theoretical work to the more applied community.



Posted on 17th October 2022 in Events, Mathematical Analysis in Acoustics