Virtual tour of the exhibition Acoustics and Beyond – Science Museum of Coimbra, Portugal

13 July - 31 October 2020

Science Museum of Coimbra, Portugal

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The temporary exhibition Acoustics and beyond was launched at the final event of the DENORMS Action. This event was organised in Coimbra (PT) to celebrate the end of the funding of the Action by the COST Association but not the end of our network. It will be open until 31st Octorber 2020.

Rings, bracelets or a necklace? No! These are structures that interact with sound and vibrations to make everyday life better for everybody. Hidden in houses, cars, or outside they make your room more quiet or stop your car seat from shaking. Acoustic labyrinths can even slow sound down. Art, aesthetics, and science go hand in hand to create modern applications.

The exhibition Acoustics and Beyond is shown from 21st February until 31st October in the Science Museum of Coimbra. It shows objects and interactive installations made in universities all over the world, straight out of the laboratory. You will discover how sound can travel, and how science helps to keep the noise around us low.”

For those of you who will have the chance to visit Portugal in the coming months, we strongly encourage you to visit the Science Museum of the University of Coimbra. For others, you can also visit the exhibition remotely via the link


Please do not also hesitate to visit the DENORMS website for more information.

Posted on 13th July 2020 in Events