Virtual Conference on Computational Audiology 2024

20 June - 21 June 2024

Online via Zoom

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This year’s Virtual Conference on Computational Audiology, VCCA2024 will take place on the 20th and 21st June.

The 2024 conference will be chaired by Simone Graetzer (University of Salford) with co-chairs Trevor Cox (also Salford), Jon Barker (University of Sheffield), and Jan-Willem Wasmann (Radboud University Medical Center). The chair of the Scientific Committee is Volker Hohmann (University of Oldenburg).

The two main themes are AI and hearing and the changing landscape of Audiology. Our keynote speakers will include Manohar Bance (University of Cambridge) and Lars Bramsløw (Eriksholm Research Centre). The topics span a broad range, including the latest developments in hearing devices and AI technology for hearing and audiology, modeling hearing loss, field-related measurement and validation, cognitive and neuro-audiology, cochlear, brainstem, and vestibular implants, post-implant rehabilitation and accessibility and inclusive design in hearing and audiology.

VCCA2024 will build on previous conferences to provide an interactive platform for the presentation and discussion of the latest research in Computational Audiology. Key areas of exploration will include the application of computational approaches to audiological interventions and hearing science, AI in audiology and hearing healthcare, auditory neuroscience, and acoustics to facilitate hearing. The program will feature submitted talks, special sessions, and keynote presentations.


Topics for VCCA2024

  • Modelling hearing and hearing loss
  • Field-related measurement and validation, e.g., teleaudiology or remote care
  • Cognitive and neuro-audiology
  • Cochlear, brainstem and vestibular implants and post-implant rehabilitation
  • Speech enhancement for hearing aid wearers, speech source separation and enhancement
  • Digital tools and big data in hearing care
  • Accessibility and inclusive design in hearing and audiology
  • Translating academic research results into clinical practice
  • Over the counter devices (OTCs) and hearables
  • Other novel research related to AI and hearing
  • Other research concerning the clinical impact of the changing landscape of Audiology


Important dates

  • Wednesday 1st May, abstract deadline
  • Tuesday 14th May, decisions communicated (acceptance/rejection)
  • Thursday 6th June, deadline for submission of video recordings and slides
  • Thursday 20th and Friday 21st June, conference


Target audience

  • Hearing, Audiology, AI, and Computational researchers all over the world
  • People working on speech and communication and/or assistive technology
  • Young scientists are especially encouraged to take part
  • No participation fee
  • Several time zones


For more information

For more information, please visit the VCCA2024 website. If you are interested in being involved, please send an email to vcca2024@computationalaudiology.com.

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