UK Acoustics Network Launch

27 November 2017

9:30 am

The Royal Society
6-9 Carolton House Terrace

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EPSRC-sponsored UK Acoustics Network Launch Event is scheduled to take place on the 27th of November 2017 in the Royal Society in London. It is free to register and to attend. We welcome delegates from industry, consultancies, government bodies and academia to participate in and contribute to the formation and future operation of the new Acoustics Network. We particular encourage PhD students and early career staff with interest in acoustics to register and attend this event. This Launch Event will help the wider coordination of acoustics-related research to enable better communication with industry and multiple avenues of research and innovation. This is important to ensure that the quality of the critical mass of the acoustics-related research in the UK continues to stay internationally leading in the foreseeable future.

Posted on 1st November 2017 in Events