UK Acoustics Network First Anniversary Meeting

7 January 2019

9:00 am

University of Sheffield, Diamond Building

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Members are invited to participate in the EPSRC UK Acoustics Network’s first anniversary meeting on the 7th January 2019. The event will take place in the Diamond Building at the University of Sheffield. We anticipate a lively meeting with over 200 delegates.

The aim of this meeting is to bring together members of the UK Acoustics Network and to provide a forum for research collaboration and innovation in acoustics. This meeting promises at least 16 in-depth discussions with acoustic practitioners and researchers.

  • Update on latest acoustics news  – new and emerging solutions – technology, methods, models, metrics measurement and more.  Opportunities to share what you know.
  • Potential links for collaboration – expertise / solutions / step changes.
  • Funding opportunities – hear the latest from InnovateUK, UKRI and the KTN’s, how acoustics will fit in the Industry Strategy.


Registration and coffee

Morning Session Chair: Richard Craster, UKAN Co-Director

Welcome, Kirill V. Horoshenkov, UKAN Director

Trends in research funding and the future of research in acoustics, Professor Philip Nelson (ISVR, University of Southampton)

Fast tracking acoustics into new markets with KTN, Nigel Rix

Coffee and Q&A sessions with the speakers

Theracoustics: how sound and bubbles can cure our troubles, Professor Constantin Coussios (University of Oxford)

Artificial audio intelligence – Dr. Sacha Krstulovic (Audio Analytic)

Impact of acoustics related research on the future of acoustic industry, Dr Andrew Bullmore (Hoare Lea)

UK Acoustics Networking and integrating SIG’s – Brief for this afternoon’s breakout group discussions, Jonathan Abra (KTN) & Charlotte Swain (UKAN Network)

Networking lunch, Q&A with speakers, explore Diamond and meet our exhibitors, including Early Careers Group members’ posters.

Afternoon Session Chair: Richard Craster, UKAN Co-Director

Breakout Groups of 8 delegates max (assigned rooms)

Round 1: Introduction, current area of expertise, research needs and focus. Key problems and challenges and their relation to National Research Priorities (20 mins).

Round 2: Grouping into common themes/shared problems, including stand-alone themes plus associated needs for training in acoustics (20 mins).

Round 3: Ideas to overcome problems/challenges related to acoustics, signposting and opportunities for doing this collaboratively (30 mins).


Room change and join new group

Round 4: Repeat of Round 1 in new groups. Introductions, current area of expertise, research needs and focus. Key problems and challenges and their relation to National Priorities in research (15 mins)

Round 5: Advances in technical methods (theoretical, numerical and experimental) that have impressed you recently and their relations to the future of acoustics (20 mins).

Round 6: Role of acoustics in existing markets and its potential for the developing/contributing to new market sectors. Challenges to widen impact of acoustics research (15 mins).

Plenary, reporting back from afternoon discussions and closing remarks by Richard Craster and Kirill V. Horoshenkov

Close followed by light canapes and wine to bridge into dinner

Pizza and beer provided for Early Careers group members – Institute of Acoustics Young Members welcome

Dinner at Firth Hall (10 mins walk from Diamond) and Announcement of Value of Acoustics to the UK’s Economy Presentation by John Lincoln

Further information and registration

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