TUM Institute for Advanced Study – Online Speaker Series Frontiers in monitoring-supported decision making for structures and infrastructures

20 May - 8 July 2021


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Structures and infrastructure systems are subject to various threats (e.g. extreme events, deterioration) that can affect their intended performance. This creates the need for inspection, maintenance and repair actions in evidence of damage or deterioration, which come at a large cost.

To address this challenge, technological advancements in developing sensors, capable of providing diversified measurements of structural response, have led to vast scientific and practical developments in the field of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM). However, the adoption of monitoring systems on real-world structures falls short of the mark. This is not least due to the challenges in making efficient use of the data for decision making. In addition, it is also often difficult to convince owners and operators of the potential benefit of monitoring systems, which can only be appraised on the basis of the decisions that are triggered by the monitoring data throughout the life-cycle.

Leading experts in the field of decision making under uncertainty with Structural Health Monitoring will discuss the challenges and opportunities for research and practice. The events, which are moderated by Profs. Eleni Chatzi and Daniel Straub, will consist of short impulse lectures by the experts, followed by a discussion with audience.



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