Theory of wave scattering in complex and random media

20 March - 24 March 2023

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UKAN+ are sponsoring Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences with the Workshop

Workshop theme

Waves propagating in complex and random media are key to many areas of physics and engineering. These media include gases, emulsions, powders, porous and polycrystalline materials, to name just a few. The theoretical tools to understand wave phenomena can be applied to all linear waves, such as elastic and electromagnetic. Yet, the community and the tools used are quite disconnected. This workshop aims to bridge the gaps between us, better understand our connections, and share recent advances.

Specific themes include:

  • Theoretical models of wave propagation, scattering and transport:
    • multiple scattering by particulates,
    • diagrammatic approaches,
    • strong fluctuation theory,
    • stochastic differential equations,
    • random matrix theory,
    • etc.
  • Numerical modelling of waves in complex media,
  • Near-field and mesoscopic wave phenomena,
  • Impact of structural correlations,
  • Design and inverse design of complex media to control wave properties,
  • Applications of waves in complex and random media.
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