The Quiet Project: Acoustic’s Community Response to COVID19 – an Update by Professor Stephen Dance (London South Bank University)

21 April - 21 April 2021

6:00 pm - 7:00 pmMore info

The COVID-19 Lockdown created a new kind of environment both in the UK and globally, never experienced before or likely to occur again. A vital and time-critical working group was formed with the aim of gathering crowd-source high quality baseline noise levels and other supporting information across the UK during the lockdown and subsequent recovery period. The acoustic community were mobilised through existing networks engaging private companies, public organisations, and academics to gather data in accessible places. A website was designed and developed to advertise the project, provide instructions and to formalise the uploading of noise data, observations, and Soundscape feedback. In addition, pre-existing on-going measurements from major infrastructure projects, airport, and planning applications were gathered to create a data repository of 1.6GB.

Presented will be a comparison of the three Lockdowns for one roadside measurement site and a comparison of the traffic flow data from the TRIS national wide permanent monitoring system. The presentation will conclude with a discussion on future ideas. Firstly, to create an annual noise survey and second, to build the world’s first permanent national noise network.

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Posted on 2nd April 2021 in Noise and Soundscape, Events