Symposium on ultrasonic waves and data science

6 April - 6 April 2021

11:30 am - 3:30 pm


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You are invited to participate in a 1-day Ultrasonic Waves symposium on Tuesday the 6th of April, 11:30 to 15:30 (British Standard Time). This symposium is part of the larger British Applied Mathematics Colloquium, for which you can register here. Talks are usually short and mathys =]. More details below:

Ultrasonic Waves Symposium

Ever more sensors are being used to monitor industrial processes in real-time, to improve safety, product quality, and to increase automation. Elastic/ultrasonic waves are easy to generate, can propagate well in most solids, and are sensitive to features such as stress, material aging, and cracks. With the increased use of sensors, the barrier now to wider adoption and success is to understand the data received. That is, to have robust models that link wave speeds and amplitudes to mechanical features in the solid.

Much of ultrasonic elastic wave propagation and scattering is well understood and modelled, provided the material itself is completely defined or known. However, when some mechanical properties are unknown, as is typical for sensing applications, there are still many open problems remaining, such as sensing small defects of unknown shape, measuring stress, accounting for uncertainty, imaging of soft tissues, incorporating multi-physics effects, etc.

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