Short Course in Aircraft Noise

4 October - 5 October 2022

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Online only

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Understanding the Impact of Aviation Noise

We will address engineering and regulatory problems on commercial aircraft noise. We provide understanding of noise regulations, noise metrics,  psycho-acoustic effects and wider airport issues. We proceed with the more technical aspects and deal with noise generation physics, noise propagation, atmospheric effects, noise reduction through operational procedures, and flight path optimisation. We will demonstrate aircraft noise simulations with our FLIGHT-X  program.

This course is aimed at professionals and  engineers with interest in the effects of aircraft noise emissions and health effects. We include professionals at aviation organisations and regulators, airports, commercial airlines, air traffic control, aircraft and power plant engineers, designers. It will be useful  to all those who wish to increase their technical competence in the field of aviation noise, present and future.

We delivered this course continuously for 6 years, initially at the University of Manchester. Content and delivery has evolved to take into account industry needs and audience interests.

Further information, booking and contacts: https://www.subsonic.aero/news-and-events

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Couse Leader: Prof A Filippone, The University of Manchester

Date and Location: 4-5 October 2022, Online Only

Course Materials: all lecture notes, recorded podcasts

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