Scattering delay network for interactive modelling of room acoustics

23 March 2022

6:00 pm



Current models for room acoustics simulation suffer from an accuracy v/s efficiency trade-off, with highly accurate wave-based models taking several hours at best, and real-time synthesis with delay networks lacking in accuracy. The goal of the Scalable Room Acoustics Modeling (SCReAM) project is to develop a unifying room acoustic model that balances this trade-off and offers breakthrough scalability properties. To this end, we propose to use the Scattering Delay Network (SDN) as a starting point. The SDN runs in real-time, is adaptive to moving source-listener locations and renders first-order reflections exactly while approximating higher order reflections. In this talk, I will discuss recent developments in the SCReAM project relating to higher order SDNs, new network topologies and re-designed scattering matrices. If time permits, challenges of designing stable scattering matrices based on material properties will be discussed.

Posted on 21st February 2022 in Communication and Room Acoustics, Events, Early Careers Group