Research Fellow (Electrostatic Audio Transducer Development) at Warwick University

Closing Date
18 January 2021

Full time, fixed term position for 7 months to end no later than 30 September 2021.

We are looking for a high-quality researcher, with experience in Materials science, Engineering manufacturing processes and materials testing to work on an industrially focused project to improve the manufacturability and performance of electrostatic audio loudspeakers. The project is in conjunction with Warwick Acoustics Ltd, a world-leading producer of electrostatic audio systems.

You will investigate a number of avenues in order to be able to mass-produce new stators for Warwick Acoustics’ electrostatic loudspeaker cartridges to significantly reduce production costs – while improving acoustic performance. Work will include the testing of alternative materials, ion techniques to etch metal stators, and mechanical alternatives to etching, including the punching of metal or polymer sheet, and laser processing of metal sheet. Inkjet printing of stators using conducting polymers (PEDOT), electroplating polymer stators, fabric stators and woven wire stators will be investigated. Techniques to test the acoustic performance of the completed units will also be required, including optical interferometric techniques.

You will be required to lead and perform the research, analyse the results, produce written reports, and present the results to both Engineers and to the Warwick Acoustics board in person.

This post is based at the University of Warwick (in the ultrasonic Lab at the School of Engineering), however the successful candidate will be required to make trips to the industrial partner (depending on Covid-19 restrictions), who is based at the MIRA research park, near Nuneaton, as well as to suppliers within the UK.

This is an excellent opportunity for someone with excellent practical and experimental skills, and a broad engineering / Physics background to get further experience in developing a real product.

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Posted on 6th January 2021 in Job Opportunities in Acoustics