Reasons to Join

  1. Early career researchers, lecturers, and practitioners, you can benefit from joining our EPSRC-funded research network to:
    • access a critical mass of knowledge and expertise in acoustics,
    • be exposed to good practice in other related research areas,
    • get better training,
    • engage with industry,
    • advocate your work to funding agencies, government and to the public
    • be informed of funding calls.
  2. Established researchers with a particular specialism in acoustics, by joining UKAN you can benefit from:
    • knowledge and expertise in another specialism,
    • initiate novel and innovative research
    • make your grant bids more competitive.
  3. Established researchers working in an area other than acoustics: join UKAN to learn how acoustics can help you develop alternative solutions to your research problems and to initiate novel and innovative research.
  4. Large companies and industry based practitioners: UKAN can provide you with an unprecedented level of engagement with the acoustics research community in the UK and will help you to access efficiently a better quality of research, which you can influence in order to support your R&D needs directly to stay competitive globally.
  5. SMEs are warmly welcomed by UKAN. Join to get access to knowledge, expertise, software and larger-scale research programmes that you are otherwise not be able to access and to map more efficiently your needs against the acoustics expertise, training and facilities available in the UK.
  6. Government regulators: you may join UKAN to help to facilitate new research in acoustics, which is needed to meet the high expectations of the general public in the areas of environmental quality, healthcare and safety, and to help with new legislation to accelerate the impact of acoustics related research.
  7. PhD students: UKAN provides access to a range of expertise across acoustics, engagement with industry, and training opportunities.
  8. Small research groups: UKAN exists to improve connectivity, to provide easy access to the rest of the acoustics community, and to increase the chances of being involved in large-scale research proposals.
  9. Others: Members of the public interested in research, charity, and pressure groups are welcome to join UKAN.